"Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard in thriller writing."
-- David Morrell

Scorpion Winter

Mystery Matters: "An action thriller that will leave you breathless!"

In the frozen wastes of Siberia, a silver artifact is stolen from a dead man . . . In the Middle East, the carefully planned strike on a terrorist leader goes disastrously wrong . . . Two seemingly unrelated incidents have placed the former CIA covert operative-turned-freelance spy, codenamed Scorpion, in a desperate position: joining forces with a beautiful woman to prevent the assassination of a powerful Eastern European leader.

But treachery breeds terror in the long shadow of a dangerous new Russia, as Scorpion finds himself caught in a lethal trap sprung by an unknown enemy. And now time is ticking rapidly away with the whole world balancing on a knife's edge, just days from the opening salvos of a catastrophic war. And in a wintry world, Scorpion will have to face his own mortality.

Andrew Kaplan on Scorpion Winter: "With Scorpion Winter, I wanted to get back to the classic spy thrillers: Europe, winter, men in the shadows double and triple-dealing. Le Carré country. The 'Winter' of the title, of course, is not just physical, but metaphorical as well. It’s Scorpion’s dark night of the soul. That was part of the motivation for me: to plumb the depths of the Scorpion character and explore the limits of friendship, patriotism and love. In that sense, this is a very personal book. "


"I was ready for a thrill ride and I wasn’t disappointed. Kaplan delivers. I definitely want more Kaplan."

-- Suspense Magazine

"Scorpion learns, once again, there are no friends in the spy business and that life - one's own and those of your enemies - exists on a knife-edge of deceit."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Kaplan takes the thriller genre at its word, moving as fast as Ludlum, but with ten times the eye for settings and crisp characterization."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard in thriller writing."

-- David Morrell

"Full of action and suspense. Scorpion Winter is the latest entry in author Andrew Kaplan's action/mystery Scorpion series, and it's a good one. They're all good . . . Scorpion is always a great read, a great spy, a great character."

-- Examiner.com

"With rapid-fire narrative and a complex plot, Andrew Kaplan gives readers a truly intriguing and engaging spy thriller."

-- Freshfiction.com

"A killer pacing that never lets up . . . Kaplan has done exhaustive research, and the cold winter of Siberia looms real enough to make your joints ache . . . This is an action thriller that will leave you breathless at its end."

-- Mystery Matters

"SCORPION WINTER is a first-rate modern espionage thriller . . . highly recommended. Fans of modern espionage thrillers . . . will thoroughly enjoy this new novel in the Scorpion series."

-- Overmydeadbody.com

"A fast-paced tale [that] never slows down until the final confrontation . . . a strong thriller."

-- Genre Go Round Reviews

"Andrew Kaplan is one of the few among spy writers' community who writes with a large sense of authenticity: His novels featuring the hardcore operative "Scorpion" are now among the best-sellers . . . We liked this novel more than Kaplan's previous novel, Scorpion Betrayal . . . You can really feel the atmosphere . . . In the case you like Tom Clancy books or Bourne series, you will love this book."

-- Mystery Tribune

"Scorpion Winter is the kind of story that grabs readers by the collar and does not let go until the very end. Action-packed and filled with mystery, betrayal and excitement, there is not one lull at all in Scorpion Winter. I loved this book! It just blew me away and had me furiously turning the pages to find out what happens next . . . I would definitely recommend this book to everyone."

-- Night Owl Reviews

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