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Andrew Kaplan is a former journalist and war correspondent, who covered events around the world. He served in both the U.S. Army and in the Israeli Army during the Six Day War and worked in military intelligence. The CIA has tried on several occasions to recruit him. He has consulted with groups that advise governments and as president of a technical communications company, consulted with leading U.S. corporations and government agencies. He is the author of two bestselling spy thriller book series: “Scorpion” and “Homeland”, including the international bestselling phenomenon, “Homeland: Carrie’s Run”, a tie-in prequel novel to the award-winning “Homeland” television series. His most recent Homeland novel, “Homeland: Saul’s Game” won the 2015 Scribe award for Best Media Tie-in Novel of the Year. His books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into 22 languages. In addition to his HOMELAND and SCORPION novels, each of which has been a Number 1 Amazon Mystery and Thriller bestseller, his standalone novels include the NY Times bestseller and Main Selection of the Book of the Month Club, “Dragonfire,” “Hour of the Assassins,” and “War of the Raven,” which was selected by the American Library Association as one of the “100 Best Books ever written about World War Two.” Of his Scorpion series, Suspense Magazine declared: “It matches the best work of the late Robert Ludlum and then surpasses it.” In addition to “Homeland,” his television and screenwriting career includes the James Bond classic, “Goldeneye”.