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Scorpion Betrayal

The head of Egypt's State Internal Security is brutally murdered in a Cairo cafe - his assailant a faceless killer. It is the opening move in a chilling game of terror that has caught the international intelligence community completely off-guard. The CIA turns to the one man they believe can get to the twisted roots of alooming nightmare shrouded in mystery: the former Company operative code-named Scorpion.

The breakneck hunt for a mastermind is leading Scorpion from the Middle East to the dangerous underworld of the capitals of Europe. With the fate of the free world in the hands of two well-matched adversaries there is no margin for error. But a shocking truth has been kept from the determined manhunter . . . and beauty will blind him to the ultimate betrayal.


"Andrew Kaplan has written one of the smartest, swiftest and most compelling spy novels I've read in years."

-- Harlan Coben, No. 1 NY Times bestselling author


"I love this novel. Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard in thriller writing."

-- David Morrell, author of The Brotherhood of the Rose



"Wow! More heart-thumping twists and turns than Day of the Jackal and The Spy Who Came In From the Cold rolled into one. . . a textbook example of how to write a great thriller."

-- Katherine Neville, author of The Eight



"A highly suspenseful page-turner. . . I hate to use the cliche but it's true: I couldn't put it down".

-- Brian Garfield, author of Death Wish



"Action-packed, highly charged [and] fast-paced."

-- Reza Kahlili, author of A Time to Betray



"The nonstop action will keep readers racing through the pages and hoping that Kaplan will put Scorpion back into action as soon as possible."

-- Publishers Weekly


"Kaplan keeps the action rushing forward at a lightning pace, with constant twists and turns. His style first matches the best work of the late Robert Ludlum, and then surpasses it."

-- Suspense Magazine


"This book is flawlessly conceived and it moves at breakneck speed . . . The characters are unforgettable . . . Kaplan is right up there with the best of the suspense writers and this book gives him an instant and lasting credibility in his field."

-- Readers Favorite