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Homeland: Saul's Game

The second book in the Homeland series.

Homeland: Carrie's Run

In this original prequel novel to Showtime’s award-winning hit series HOMELAND —“the best thriller on American television” (New York Post)—CIA Intelligence Officer Carrie Mathison is sent on a mission to Beirut and Iraq that will radically transform the course of her career and her life.

Scorpion Deception

A brutal attack on the U.S. embassy in Switzerland leaves Congressional leaders demanding action. The CIA turns to the deadliest agent they know: Scorpion. What he finds will lead to a desperate mission in Iran, while the clock to war ticks down.

Scorpion Winter

In Siberia, a silver artifact is stolen from a dead man. In Yemen, a CIA operation goes disastrously wrong and a mysterious Eastern European millionaire wants Scorpion to stop a political assassination that could lead to war in Europe. But as the clock ticks, Scorpion, joining forces with a beautiful woman, will find himself caught in a deadly trap.

Scorpion Betrayal

The head of Egypt's State Internal Security is brutally murdered in a Cairo cafe - his assailant a faceless killer. It is the opening move in a chilling game of terror that has caught the international intelligence community completely off-guard. The CIA turns to the one man they believe can get to the twisted roots of alooming nightmare shrouded in mystery: a former Company operative code-named Scorpion.

War of the Raven

Argentina, 1939. The German battleship Graf Spee steams toward South American. American secret agent Charles Stewart is sent to find a mole -- codenamed Raven -- before the Nazis get to him. Deception, intrigue and menace surround Stewart, but no one is more mysterious or dangerous than wealthy, beautiful Julia Vargas.


Codenamed “Dragonfire”, CIA agent Sawyer’s mission is to stop a war by trading guns for a billion dollars in morphine base. But in the jungles of the far hill country, Sawyer’s mission becomes a journey into the heart of darkness.
"ELECTRIFYING ... Andrew Kaplan is at his dazzling best in "Dragonfire".
-- Kirkus Reviews


It’s a plot directed at the oil lifeline of the West, hatched by a faction in the Kremlin and played out in the heat-swept deserts of the Middle East. It’s the perfect job for the American orphan, raised by Bedouins, codenamed “Scorpion”.

Hour of the Assassins

From the moment he met Wasserman in the back of a Hollywood porn studio, Caine was obsessed with the mission: to hunt and kill the infamous Nazi "Angel of Death." Now from the streets of Berlin to the jungles of South America, Caine will stalk his prey while men at the highest levels of power wait for Caine to do what he does best. Because the moment he does, a secret, sinister plot will unfold. And Caine, the ultimate assassin, will have to discover what deadly part he is to play before it's too late.