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A candidate's suicide

A death on the French Riviera

And a secret men will kill for


A candidate for U.S. President, ahead in the polls and about to win the election, suddenly commits suicide. No one knows why. A mysterious woman the media has dubbed “the Invisible Woman” may hold the key. 


During a botched jewel heist on the French Riviera, an American bystander is killed. This death triggers a worldwide hunt by intelligence agencies for something the dead American left behind - a secret so explosive they will let nothing get in their way. 


U.S. Homeland Security Special Agent Casey Ramirez is a young woman with a troubled past. On the trail of a human trafficking ring, she uncovers a clue involving the dead American in France. The discovery catapults her into a deadly cat-and-mouse chase across Europe to find the dead man’s secret before it’s too late. 


A secret that threatens the foundations of the American government.


Master storyteller Andrew Kaplan weaves these disparate elements into a stunning tale of international intrigue.


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