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saul's game

The second in the series original prequel novels to the hit Homeland television series. HOMELAND: SAUL'S GAME is the Winner of the Scribe Award for the Best Original Media Tie-in Novel of the Year!

Damascus, Syria, 2009. Carrie Mathison leads an operation to capture or kill al Qaeda terrorist, Abu Nazir. But arriving at the compound where he was supposed to be in hiding, they find it empty. Carrie is sure that someone is leaking CIA information to the enemy and has betrayed their operation, seriously threatening American interests in the Middle East. To expose the double agent, her boss, Saul Berenson, devises an elaborate ruse that will send her on the most dangerous mission of her life.

This twisting tale of international intrigue takes fans deeper into the intense world of high-stakes espionage, and explores never-before-seen details of Carrie’s life as an operative in the Middle East, Saul’s past as an agent in Iran, Brody’s dark childhood and captivity, and events involving the trio—and other favorite characters, like Dar Adal—that will lead them to the present.

"Kaplan's experiences have greatly contributed to the realism of the story . . . he knows the makeup of the Middle East." -

"Saul's Game allows readers to find out more of the early life of the main characters, but also gives an understanding of the issues facing the Middle East today." -Crimespree Magazine

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