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Scorpion deception

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In Switzerland, a brutally efficient hit squad storms the U.S. embassy, stealing classified files and leaving no witnesses alive. Under intense political pressure to find those behind the attack - with Congressional leaders demanding military action - the CIA turns to the deadliest agent they know: Scorpion. But Scorpion is unwilling to get involved . . . until he learns his name is at the top of one of the stolen lists.

What Scorpion uncovers sends the CIA scrambling: evidence linking the attack to an unknown Iranian master spy codenamed "the Gardener". Scorpion follows the trail to Zurich and Barcelona, where he meets his match in Scale, an agent as lethal as the viper that is his namesake. A deadly dance of deception ensues, bringing Scorpion into Tehran's inner circle as the clock to war ticks down to its final seconds.


But not even the political elite know who the Gardener is - or what his next move might be.


"In the enticing fourth installment to Kaplan's spy series, the elusive Scorpion investigates a deadly attack on the American embassy in Bern, Switzerland, with few clues and no witnesses left behind . . . Packed with action, the plot is propelled by modern anxieties about America's potential for war with Iran." -- Publishers Weekly

“In this exhilarating, action-packed espionage thriller, Kaplan's writing is reminiscent of the best of Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. The writing is superbly fast-paced and the superhero versus supervillain plot makes for a heart-pounding and satisfying ride for any fans of this genre."

 "Kaplan is an author you can depend on for a fast moving, no nonsense story with a few twists and turns to keep you guessing. Feel the sting of the Scorpion and put Kaplan on the list of authors to read." -- Suspense Magazine

 "'Scorpion Deception' is one of the more exciting stories in this blockbuster series. Just be careful where you read this thriller. There's a real danger here you will become so engrossed reading "Scorpion Deception" that you'll lose all track of the time. So be careful!" -- Bookloons

"Following Kaplan's first two entries in the successful "Scorpion Series," "Scorpion Deception" aims to raise the bar on the spy genre once-more . . . So, if you are looking for a no holds barred, spy romp that is fast-paced and chocked full of intelligence gathering and espionage, then "Scorpion Deception" is the novel for you." --

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