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Andrew Kaplan is the bestselling author of two great thriller series:The Scorpion series and the Homeland novels, based on the hit TV series.

HOMELAND: CARRIE'S RUN - the runaway international bestseller!


How it all began --


In this official original prequel novel to Showtime’s award-winning hit series HOMELAND —“the best thriller on American television” (New York Post)—CIA Intelligence Officer Carrie Mathison is sent on a mission to Beirut and Iraq that will radically transform the course of her career and her life.


The original prequel novel that is a bestselling international phenomenon!


 Number 1 for weeks on the Amazon Mystery, Thriller, Espionage, Political and Movie Tie-In Novel Bestseller Lists!


Topping bestseller charts around the world! Translated into 16 languages; an international bestseller in China, Italy, Holland, Germany, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Brazil!


An Amazon Top 25 Select novel and weeks in the Amazon Top 100!


A Top 10 Bestselling Suspense novel (Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars)! Tops in the U.K., France and Canada!


An Amazon UK's "Twelve Days of Kindle" Main selection! 


"Awesome! Better than the Television series!" - Readers Reviews

 "Make sure you pick up "Carrie's Run". A fantastic page-turning thriller where you'll find out exactly what happened to Carrie before Season One!" -


HOMELAND: SAUL'S GAME - Winner of the Scribe Award for the Best Original Media Tie-in Novel of the Year!

The sequel to the worldwide hit, HOMELAND: CARRIE'S RUN, this latest bestseller by Andrew Kaplan is the second original prequel novel based on the award-winning hit TV series, HOMELAND.

"The best show on television." - TV Guide

Number 1 on the Amazon Mystery, Thriller, Espionage, Political and Movie Tie-In Novel Bestseller Lists!


A Top 20 Bestselling Mystery/Suspense novel (Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars)!


"Kaplan's experiences have greatly contributed to the realism of the story . . . he knows the makeup of the Middle East." -

"Saul's Game allows readers to find out more of the early life of the main characters, but also gives an understanding of the issues facing the Middle East today." -Crimespree Magazine


For years, fans have wanted to know when Andrew Kaplan's earlier books, such as the original "Scorpion" book, would become available as ebooks. Open Road Media, the largest ebook publisher, has republished ALL of his earlier titles. These books, which are now available, include:

WAR OF THE RAVEN - cited by the American Library Association as one of the 100 best books ever written about World War Two; "A smashing, sexy and unforgettable read" - Publishers Weekly. (To order see below.)

DRAGONFIRE - International bestseller; Main Selection Book of the Month Club; "Electrifying ... Andrew Kaplan at his dazzling best!" - Kirkus Reviews. (To order see below.)

SCORPION - The book that started it all; "Pure dynamite! . . . Espionage laced with high-voltage Middle East adventure!" - Washington Times. (To order see below.)

HOUR OF THE ASSASSINS - "Kept me up well into the Late Show hours . . . Hollywood, please copy." - Los Angeles Times. (To order see below.)

Apropos, here is a PR photo of Andrew for one of these books, WAR OF THE RAVEN.

The best Scorpion yet! An instant top bestseller!



Scorpion Deception, the latest novel in the bestselling Scorpion series is an instant bestseller. Scorpion Deception debuted at #3 on the Amazon Hot New Releases Bestseller List. When it debuted, for months, 3 of the top 20 Amazon Spy Thriller Bestsellers at one time were Scorpion books!


Says Suspense Magazine: “Excellent… [Kaplan’s] style matches the best of Ludlum and then surpasses it.”

In Switzerland, a brutally efficient hit squad storms the U.S. embassy, stealing classified files and leaving no witnesses alive. Under intense political pressure to find those behind the attack—with Congressional leaders demanding military action—the CIA turns to the deadliest agent they know: Scorpion. But Scorpion is unwilling to get involved . . . until he learns his name is at the top of one of the stolen lists!

Says Readers Favorite: "This book is flawlessly conceived and it moves at breakneck speed . . . The characters are unforgettable . . . Kaplan is right up there with the best."

BESTSELLERS: Scorpion Betrayal and Scorpion Winter have been on the Amazon and Kobo spy thrillers bestseller's list for months!

Read Scorpion Winter.

In the frozen wastes of Siberia, a silver artifact is stolen from a dead man . . . In the Middle East, the carefully planned strike on a terrorist leader goes disastrously wrong . . . Two seemingly unrelated incidents have placed the former CIA covert operative-turned-freelance spy, code-named Scorpion, in a desperate position: joining forces with a beautiful woman to prevent the assassination of a powerful Eastern European politician. But treachery breeds terror in the long shadow of a dangerous power play, as Scorpion finds himself caught in a lethal trap sprung by an unknown enemy.

Says Suspense Magazine: "I was ready for a thrill ride and I wasn’t disappointed. Kaplan delivers. I definitely want more Kaplan." Look for it at your local bookstore or online.

DeclaresReaders Favorite: "This book is flawlessly conceived and it moves at breakneck speed . . . The characters are unforgettable . . . Kaplan is right up there with the best of the suspense writers and this book gives him an instant and lasting credibility in his field."

Also to see a recent feature interview article on Andrew in Publishers Weekly click the about tab above.

And don't miss Scorpion Betrayal


"Andrew Kaplan has written one of the smartest, swiftest and most compelling spy novels I've read in years."

-- Harlan Coben, No. 1 NY Times bestselling author


"The nonstop action will keep readers racing through the pages and hoping that Kaplan will put Scorpion back into action as soon as possible."

-- Publishers Weekly


"Kaplan keeps the action rushing forward at a lightning pace, with constant twists and turns. His style first matches the best work of the late Robert Ludlum, and then surpasses it."

-- Suspense Magazine


"I love this novel. Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard in thriller writing."

-- David Morrell, author of The Brotherhood of the Rose



"Wow! More heart-thumping twists and turns than Day of the Jackal and The Spy Who Came In From the Cold rolled into one. . . a textbook example of how to write a great thriller."

-- Katherine Neville, author of The Eight



"A highly suspenseful page-turner. . . I hate to use the cliche but it's true: I couldn't put it down".

-- Brian Garfield, author of Death Wish



"Action-packed, highly charged [and] fast-paced."

-- Reza Kahlili, author of A Time to Betray